Inclusion - Everyone deserves A Chance to Dance

Kindness - No one deserves to be bullied.

Community - Making dance fun for everyone

NDF offers unique outreach opportunities for dance studios, dance organizations and scholastic dance departments which can result in increased profits and positive marketing.  NDF's initiatives and interactive activities are designed to create inclusion, kindness and community using dance as its vehicle.   These show ways how to become proactive in the community thus allowing you to take the lead and stand out.

  • Create opportunities for special needs dancers.
  • Support and provide education about Anti-bullying in your community.
  • Dance mobs create awareness about your studio and can be profitable.
  • Fundraising opportunities for your studio or organization.

National Dance Foundation has been making this happen but we need your help to keep it going. We have been able to give out scholarships and create awareness and educating the dance community how to take the lead and make a stand. We want to stretch out and see more special needs kids get the opportunity for a dance class. We want no bully zones and ensure all dance is bully free.

Let dance become the way - your way. Help support NDF.

Our Mission Statement