Kindness - Impact- Inclusion

 “Strong people stand up from themselves.  But the strongest people stand up for others.” – Unknown 

Dance Empowers - Empowerment is Strength - Strength Creates Change

Bullying is a rising crisis and affects all ages

When others respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. As dance educators take the lead giving your dancers the opportunity  “shout out” create awareness and show kindness by saying no to bullying.

Inspire leadership in your dancers to make a difference!

The Kick for Kindness Anti-Bullying Campaign is a call to action to all dancers to take the lead in showing kindness in their schools, organizations and communities to create awareness and to stand against bullying.

3 Ways to get your studio/organization and community involved.   #NDFKickforKindness

1) Perform the Kick for Kindness Shout Out in your community, school and events

Be creative - Create a tagline against bullying to perform before or after the Shout Out”.  A tagline is your personalized statement against bullying….should only be a few lines

Send us your video to share on our social media to inspire and create awareness against bullying.  We will notify you the date of posting     Video Submission - Form

 Prize -  Special Kick for Kindness Plaque and certificate.  Social Media contest - most likes/shares wins.  All entries will be notified in advance when they will be posted on Facebook to let family and friends know so they can take part.

Anti Bullying Shout Out


2) Wear the Kick for Kindness bracelet.....showing you say no to bullies

3) Create Kick for Kindness Anti-bullying Posters

“How I made an impact in my community” - Create posters with slogans to hang around town/school/dance school and gather as many signatures in support of anti-bullying

Take a picture of posters and where they are displayed and send it to us to post on our social media to show support and create awareness encouraging others to take a stand - Photo submission form

Prize - For the poster with the most signatures a  Special Kick for Kindness Plaque and certificate

Deadline September - March........Winners chosen and announced in April.


       Y.P.A.D Scholarship and educational opportunities available for dance teachers for creating a strong, safe and positive atmosphere in their dance community.   Learn More Scholarship Application 

                         Contribute and Help Support 

NDF’s Kick for Kindness initiative accomplish our to provide dance inspired education about what to do when bullying occurs, create awareness, and provide safe environments and safe zones for children.