Congratulations on your 2020 Recital!

Time to Celebrate!

One of the many insidious symptoms of the Coronavirus is keeping people separated and that includes the important and fun traditional dance recital season.  But as powerful as this pandemic is, it can’t stop people from dancing and showcasing what they’ve learned throughout the year.

Thanks to the imagination and innovation of dance studios, teachers and their students, dance education continues virtually, and although we won’t be able to pack an auditorium this June, dancers all across the country will be sharing their creativity and originality with virtual performances.

National Dance Foundation wants to be a part of this celebration and invites all dancers to share with us photos and/or videos from their year-end performances to be featured on our website and posted on social media.   Please include your social media handles, a shout out to your dance studio and teachers, as well as the city and state you’re located.

Together we will make great dance recitals memories despite all the difficulties we’ve faced in what will undoubtedly be an unforgettably 2020!

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