Performance Opportunites

Have Fun - Create Awareness - Get Everyone Involved


Take Part in NDF's many different Performance Opportunities.  Have fun taking part in our NBA pregame shows or annual tap mob for Tap Dance Day or organize and perform your own Dance Mob or Shout Out.  


Fundraise in 4 days to help your group to participate - Learn More



        March 15th 2019 - Houston Rockets Pregame Show vs Phoenix Suns

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        April 19-28 2019 - National Dance Foundation Celebration

                     Create a community event with our NDF Dance Mob or Shout Out


        May 25th - National Tap Dance Day

                     Join us in Rockaway Beach NY on the boardwalk for an all Tap Mob or have your own event.

                    3 levels giving everyone the opportunity

       Beginner level     Intermediate level     Advanced level   All run with music       


   Upcoming Opportunities for 2019-2020 NBA Pregame Show Performances.....will be announced August 2019

Chicago Bulls

Houston Rockets

Boston Celtics

Dallas Mavericks

Orlando Magic