Valdon R. Daniel, III - 2016 Essay

Dance is very important. It can inspire you. Dancers can tell stories. You can express your feelings through dance. It can even help with sports and other physical activities.   

Music can inspire you to dance. Dance can inspire people to move and be happy.  Praise Dance can inspire people to worship God.  Dancers can inspire people to express themselves and their feelings. Group Dancing can inspire people to join you.  Finally, dance can inspire people to feel free.  

Dancers can tell a story.  It is universal.  Dance is appreciated around the world. When you dance you can be graceful or tough. Dance is living art. It is a vivid demonstration that uses creativity.  Dancing can make connections by interpreting feelings while telling a story.

You can express your feelings through dance.  Dance can make people excited by allowing them to move freely. Dancers can make people sad by the way they dance. Each dance movement expresses emotions. Dancers can decide the tone of the dance. I feel ecstatic when I dance. 

Dance can help with sports and other physical activities. Dance can help you with balance. It can help you with agility.  You can improve reflexes by dancing. It can help with speed. Dance can be used as exercise. Your health can improve with dance.

In conclusion, Dance is very important.  It can inspire you. Dancing is universal and can connect people by telling stories. Dance is used in many ways. Dance is freedom of movement. Which way would you use it?


Valdon R. Daniel, III (age 12)
iDance Ministry
Barboursville, VA