A Chance to Dance Scholarship Application

Teachers and Educators  - National Dance Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships for dance teachers and educators who are committed to providing dance educational opportunities based on inclusion, kindness and community. Certifications, training and support are available to help achieve the goals of teaching those with special needs and learning disabilities, plus becoming an advocate of positive change within the dance community.

 A Chance to Dance 

 Applications are accepted September - March.  (Any submitted after will be applied to the following year).

Winners will be announced in April

Applicants must be able to establish and offer dance opportunities for special needs student.  Applicants are encouraged to participate in the A Chance to Dance dance mob to help create community awareness. 

Applicants must fill out the official NDF Scholarship Application in its entirety. Applicants are highly encouraged to get involved in NDF's effort to fundraise and create awareness in your community.

Winners will be invited to join the A Chance to Dance Scholarship Winners facebook group offering opportunities to share and encourage those with the same goals as you.

Winners are encouraged to share pictures and videos showing the progress and success of their program helping others to see the benefits and joys of creating more opportunities for all to have A Chance to Dance.

Scholarship Includes:

 Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor Certification Workshop

Available scholarships include partial and full-paid registrations to online or hybrid Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor Certification Workshops. To learn  more about the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor Certification Workshops, please visit https://rhythmworksid.com/instructor-certification/

Wingman For Dance Membership

The Wingman for Dance program.To learn more about the Wingman for Dance program, please visit: https://wingmanleague.org/wingman-dance/

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 A Chance to Dance Scholarship Application